The Middle TN Mule Skinners have had an Annual Mule Show for Years in Woodbury TN.  This Mule Show has been the largest mule show the last couple of years next to Columbia Mule Day in Tennessee for the Draft Mules in numbers and quality. 

This year the Mule Skinners is celebrating their show in grand form by enjoying their mules in another fashion prior to show day by way of Wagon Ride / Train.  On Thursday May 7th at 9 AM CST the Wagon Train will leave the Woodbury TN Fairgrounds headed around scenic Cannon County.  One particular point the wagon train will cross will be the 'million dollar bridge' and enjoy the breath taking view from the bridge as the wagons cross. 

MTMS Grady George Jr will serve as wagon master for the group.  Cindy Haley will serve as contact if any out of town visitors need accommodations for overnight camping until the show.  Friday the 8th is local farm day at the fairgrounds, Saturday 9th is the Annual Mule Show.  There is a lot of local attractions in the county if one chooses to stay until show day.

"I have a good wagon route planned .... A little something for everyone", stated Grady George Jr.  "The Middle TN Mule Skinners is growing every year in their membership and activities.  If our Wagon Train does well this may be an activity that becomes a tradition in conjunction with our annual show", states Andrew Duggin, President MTMS.  

Wagon Train Information Grady George Jr 615-849-6867

Camping / Local Accommodations Cindy Haley 615-904-5356

Show / MTMS Information Andrew Duggin 615-624-1708

For more information about the Middle TN Mule Skinners visit www.midtnmules.com


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