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What does it take to make a modern day wagon train?  A common destination, a wagon master, some great conversation to pass the time, and finally safe points to circle up at night for resting mules and men.  

There will be many small wagon trains leaving for Columbia Mule Day around Good Friday from throughout the South.  DIXIE was lucky enough to catch this Wagon Train settling in for the evening and able to share in a tall tale or two and visit a few minutes.

This wagon train, as many are, is made up of a group of friends from various locations who come together to travel into Columbia.  Traveling in this wagon train is Jim Spriggs (Crossville TN), Bill York (Knoxville, TN), Cecil O Daniels (Crossville TN), Tracy Collins (Missouri), Rudy Woolsey (Caneyville KY) and Scott McGee (Falls of Rough, KY).

This group travels anywhere from 18 to 34 miles per day, depending the location.  They plan on being on the road for 6 to 7 days and will arrive in Columbia TN on Wednesday to set up camp and enjoy Columbia Mule Day the rest of the week.

If you see any wagon trains traveling in your area and have interest in seeing them come through your area, stop and let them know they are welcome in the area.  Offer layover information for future travels that they might use if returning to your area.

Good Luck Wagon Trainers!  See You All In Columbia.... Come by the DIXIE Booth and let us know you made it in safely!