Steve Eller of Lafayette TN took home top honor at Columbia Mule Day as his two year old Mare Mule was named King Mule for 2015.  This is the highest honor in the spring of the year for mule enthusiast and one beckoned by many.  Steve Eller won this honor once before in 2006 and like many others has strived to win the crown again since that time.

Below is a reprint of a story about Steve Eller from 2012.  Congratulations to Steve Eller and Family on the fabulous job at Columbia Mule Day.


STEVE ELLER  ….. mules come second

When one hears the name Steve Eller an instant relation to cattle, corn or tobacco farming may run through their mind.  Steve also has his real estate and an auctioneering license and can be found spending time in these market arenas as well. 

Anyone truly knowing or spending any amount of time with Steve soon finds out his true passion is his family and being ‘husband’, ‘daddy’ and ‘grandpa’ is the most important jobs he has ever held.  Steve’s wife, Brenda, of 46 years is an educator; she is currently the Adult Education Supervisor in Macon County.  Steve’s famous quote “I would never have made it in farming without her” is one his children all understand so well now that they are grown.

Steve has three children; two sons, Mark and Tim who farm alongside Steve.  His daughter, Amy Eller Phelps, is a marketing manager in telecommunications.  Steve has six grandchildren, four boys and two girls; the two oldest are out of school and are farming right alongside Steve carrying on the family tradition. 

In asking his children what they believe to be the strength behind their family’s tradition of togetherness and strong work ethic, they quickly respond “we were put to work as soon as we were big enough”.  Amy states, “those times of getting up early and getting to work together as a family are some of my favorite memories.  Daddy always put God first and expects his children and grandchildren to do the same.”

Steve has farmed for 46 years in order to provide for his family.  He has shown mules as a hobby for nearly 40 years.  As an estimate there will be around a dozen mules in the barn.  Steve will very modestly call it luck, but his experience with mules has given him the ability to have a buyer’s eye on what it takes to make a champion. 

Steve can be found in the show ring throughout Tennessee and in Louisville Kentucky at the State Fair.   2012 was an exciting year for the Eller Family as they exhibited the World Grand Champion Mare Mule at the Tennessee State Fair and also the Columbia Mule Day Champion Mare Mule of Show.   

As this is 2015 ..... one can still look for the Eller Family

in the show ring throughout Tennessee and in Louisville Kentucky at the State Fair.    



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