With this being the last sale before the big sale month of January 2016, numbers in the barn were low but quality of the mules were not!  Reese Bros had a little over a 100 head of stock come in the door on consignment.  This included draft pairs aged, green broke, a few singles, large teams and several 14 - 15 hand teams ready to work. 

The selection of colts were very, very slim as most are holding for the colt sale in January. What did arrive, as in most stock, the good sold high & the average just sold. (Ranging from $2500 to $500)

More and more riding mules are beginning to surface in the sales.  Again, the good ones will sale high and others will just sale.  The Reese Riding Mule Sale is in March. The Reese Bros have some special plans in the works for March so be sure to check out the website for details. 

Reese November 2015 Sale

Top pair of mules knocked on the door of $11000.  They were a perfect match, they were broke, they were big!

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