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Reese Bros Mule March Riding Sale

The buyers arrived late Thursday and early Friday, mostly from out West, with empty trailers and ready to buy riding mules.  Owners / Riders arrived early Friday morning to begin demonstrating their mules talents by use of the obstacle course provided by Reese Bros or by objects provided by owners.  As photos to the right show, no talents were held back when it came to convincing buyers how many talents these mules held.   Many mules sold in the $4000 to $6000 range.  Buyers were especially impressed this trip with the quality of the mules at the sale and expressed it made this sale a pleasure to attend as the Reese Riding Mule Sale continues to grow yearly.  The Friday Exhibition Day is a great social event and selling factor for the Riding Mule Sale as this gives buyers and sellers alike time to learn the mule they are considering purchasing. 

Although this was a sale to focus on riding mules, pack mules also was a point of interest for the buyers from the Grand Canyon and others looking to buy mules headed back out West.  Mules with multi talents received the most attention overall; however there were some beautiful show mules who caught eyes as well over the weekend.  For more information on upcoming sale visit  

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