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All of these listed are members of the Middle TN Mule Skinners as well as Cindy Haley, DIXIE owner, who will be in an Jeff Odle Farms Wagon (right) also up front and making a special video of parade happenings this year. 

The MTMS have been a very active factor of the Columbia Mule Day Parade and are proud to serve Columbia Mule Day Organizer Dee Cee Neeley for years.  This year is very special as it is Dee Cee's 20th year to serve as organizer of the parade.  This is just a few of the MTMS one will find in action, there are many more, watch for the MTMS signs on wagons in the beginning of the line up of the parade, and throughout the week, at Columbia Mule Day. 

Wave and giv'em a holler - the'll holler and wave back!

For more information on MTMS visit www.midtnmules.com

Middle TN Mule Skinners Role in 2015 Columbia Mule Day

The Southern "Go To Place" for Happenings on Mules and Donkeys 

MTMS play a large but simple role in Columbia Mule Day and have for years!  Jerry and Janice Higgins will lead the parade with flag mules and have for many, many years (top photo).  Buddy Black carried the Grand Marshal for over 30 years before retiring the position (left).  Grady George (right) and Terry Preston (standing right) assisted Buddy in later years.  Grady will be one of the top 7 wagons this year and will be carrying a dignitary.  The queens have been pulled with a four mule hitch for nearly 20 years by Thomas Summers (daughter Lori left).  Andrew Duggin has carried a dignitary in the parade for close to ten years.