January 2016 Sale Highlights

Some of my favorites are posted in the photo gallery with price details listed.  The sale at Bluegrass (KY) had one 4 year old blonde horse mule standing 18 hands bring $8000.  An outstanding pair of 18 month old blonde mare mules topped out at $16000 after 3 or 4 bidders battled it out seeking ownership during the Reese Mule Colt Sale.  Watched blonde beauties matching in grand style, coming two year olds mare mules, bring between $8000 and $11000 over and over throughout the week. 

Sharp, showy, high-lights, tall, and big money!  That pretty much sums up the annual draft mule sales that took place the first of January in TN and KY. 

The Southern "Go To Place" for Happenings on Mules and Donkeys