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Horse Progress Days  2015 - Odon Indiana

2015 Horse Progress Days - Odon Indiana

If opportunity  presents itself to attend Horse Progress Days, one must embark upon this adventure.  The photo gallery does not do justice to the adventure spent in this community during the first week of July.   In arriving early in the week, we were honored in watching this work of art come together - despite the eight inches of rain previously fallen the three days prior, not to mention the two inches which fell while they were setting up the night before opening day.

Setting the stage:  the landscaping for miles around was perfect with beautiful homes, foundation horses, and large bountiful crops.  One would think the rain would deter the hosting communities spirit, but I truly believe it enhanced their determination to provide visitors a more pleasant visit.  After the huge display tents were set up for vendors and equipment ; temporary sidewalks were literally laid throughout the area to assist visitors while getting from one location to another.  Everything went on as planned!

There were visitors from all over the United States sited as well as groups from China, Germany and a visitor from Russia. 

To see what equipment can be worked with 'horses and mules' can amaze a regular run-of-the-mill 'Englishman'.  After spending almost a week in Odon, making friends with a couple of the families who assisted us in boarding stock, learning the area, advising us to the best places to eat and just spending time with their families - it makes one really stop and ponder on the word "progress".  Perhaps the fastest truck, the quickest internet speed, etc, etc has made us forget what it is like to take time for family, homemade ice cream, swing on a porch, etc etc.

NOTE:  Horse Progress Days takes place yearly around the 4th of July in various communities.  Visit their website for current information.  It is an amazing trip!