As of 6/1/2015 the Putnam County Fair Committee has finalized the date on their mule show and due to surrounding mule shows it is now changed to AUGUST 8th 2015 at 8:00 AM.  For more information

Putnam County Fair Committee, Cookeville TN, has planned diligently for their 2015 Draft Mule Show in working with as many known TN Fair Shows as possible to schedule their show on a date that does not conflict with another show.  Draft Mules are a crowd pleaser and an attraction at all local county fairs.  The problem is there are so few exhibitors and 'fair season' is in such a short time period that conflict show times has become a juggling act for man exhibitors the past few years.   

Carl Bilbrey, Fair Board Member and renown mule man to the industry, decided to work extraordinary hard with his group during 2015 to host the Cookeville TN Draft Show on a Saturday that was open to encourage high attendance during the show.  Cookeville always does an exceptional job with their Draft Show and are hoping this will continue to encourage mule patrons to attend their show without having to choose to miss another. 

Again, the Cookeville TN Draft Show will be July 18th on Saturday Morning.  This is always a great show with plenty of classes for everyone.  Make plans to attend now.   

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