Carolyn and jim, the mulitas cuatas
by David Alonso

a few years ago, while i worked for the kennel of horses of leap of the club the fence
Chair gave me a couple of mares warmblood because it did not with the ideal conditions as reproductive. so i did and only one of them remained gestante.

When according to my bills was approaching the delivery of the mare decided to may so that the mare was comfortable and i asked the velador (an uncle of mine) that i avisara when the mare give birth in order to be able to work the imprint of the breeding at birth. One day i mark to the 1:00 o ' clock in the morning and tells me that the mare was pariendo, that i was immediately. in what i enlisted to go out, i would like to receive a call and tells me my uncle who is going a little more to the mare. the so-called), We cleaned up and frotamos to the two hembritas newly born. the mare after agonizar for 15 minutes or so, died a victim of internal hemorrhaging according to told me the next day the vet. There we were at two o ' clock in the morning with two mulitas newly born and his mother dead, living mixed feelings lay death and getting to life for two reasons.

at that time, the only thing that i came up with was to milk mare dead to obtain calostros podérselos and give them something to drink to the couple mulitas. I was able to tease out a little more than a liter and with a syringe is the we started to give. me right away i communicated to saltillo to look for a pharmacy that is open to get a pair of boobs to do baby.

Colombia. It was also a day of many opinions on what to do to well fuel it, i said that will a bebedero automatic, who bañara to the newly born with soap zote for podérselas arrimar to a mare, that the cubriera from cirre of the caballeriza of another mare would, Etc, etc. Fortunately, i had in my hands powdered milk and quickly we could be accomplishing with the hambriadas mulitas that constantly asking to eat. Within all this fuss that generated the delivery, was the recommendation of the vet who was telling us that we do not do illusions, while i will spend the first 72 hours criticism and the first 15 days, the life of an animal was almost of a thread. for the date of birth, day of san jose, we decided bautizarlas with the name of Carolyn and ken.

even when we knew that the foals maman his mother constantly during the day, we decided to do a programme of feeding of every 3 hours, and fortunately we were able to take advantage of a couple of mares paridas so that will help to feed the mulitas in two takes (a 10 am and 5 pm), while in the night top of the dresser were then commissioned of well fuel it at 11 pm and at 5 am. So it was for 6 months, i really became part of our family and always slightly too many hands to well fuel it, even were receiving visits from other places exclusively to come to know them.

the operaría. a day of these, i went to a ranch to pick up a few horses and comes the doctor and tells me he is going to operate the mulitas and my return because the would have lists. at approximately 20 minutes I call the phone to tell me that he had been dead beautiful Brittany just told her i was playing, while i felt that i fell like a bucket of cold water the news.

It was actually hard to get used to the news and destroy the dreams you already had in my mind with the pair of mules, now as i would say to my girls what happened, while my wife asked that will reclamara to the doctor, but at the end of the day that Do not pay back to carolyn. I was able to reflect that he had to thank life for how lucky i had already been to the live that experience, but i had to give it back to the page.

today jim, has become a vigorous mule who convive daily with foals of his age and is always aware of his foster mother, my mare lady di, because as soon as he loses and i relin-rebuzna. each that I am with her i feel a calmness and affinity comparable to the relationship of a father with his son, although it seems over the top. I dream of the day to be able to walk on her back and also to tell my grandchildren as she came into our lives.

I would like to take this medium to thank all the people who are or were pending the development of our mulitas cuatas, as well as to those who when they see me ask me for them. I hope that god keep me now to Robb many years to continue to enjoy his presence.

until the next one!

NOTE:  This story was shared by Dixie Longears follower fan Stephen Seabolt.  As Stephen shared with Dixie, David is an excellent trainer and story teller; thus, the sharing of this story just as it was translated was very important.  The direct link to the story is

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