Mule Skinner Honored to Serve Veterans Last Request

A Veterans Last Request .......

The Southern "Go To Place" for Happenings on Mules and Donkeys 

Three year old mare mules Pat and Kate woke up around 5 am November 6th, was fed their regular morning meal and give a warm bath by Jeff and Cindy.  Pat and Kate's harness was examined and shined while they dried and then each were clipped to the finest detail; as they had been asked to serve a great honor in Kentucky. 

It doesn't matter the veteran's name or rank; it just matter's he is a veteran and the girls have been asked to serve.  This they shall do with great honor and pride. 

As the casket is placed in the wagon Kate and Pat stand motionless, as if waiting for an order.  Jeff Odle sits with lines in hand as his honored guest has the flag laid across the casket.

With great pride and delicate motion the mules carry this veteran through his home neighborhood to his final resting place, neighbors and friends can be seen standing on their porches with respect.  As the girls arrive at the cemetery with the wagon their is a small hill to climb, they begin an in time trot carrying the veteran past the cameras, the crowds, the tears and the smiles to stop at the veteran's brother's feet where the pall barriers unloaded him.

The twenty-one gun salute awaiting this veteran was heard in the back ground, as Pat and Kate slowly lowered their heads and exited the grave yard; proud for the service they had provided this veteran in serving one of his last request.

Pat and Kate are owned by Odle Farms; cared for by Jeff Odle and Cindy Haley.  Jeff and Cindy are members of the Middle TN Mule Skinners; this is just one of many services performed by this organization.